3D Fractals (Ray-traced with Flash)

// February 8th, 2010 // Experiments, Flash 3D, Generative art, Source code & tutorials

I guess every developer has to play with fractals sooner or later. Now it was my turn.

I didn’t feel much for creating an other flat Mandelbrot set. So I decided to make it a little more challenging for myself and try something in 3D.

fractal AS3

There are already  many amazing renders out there. But instead of copy/pasting formulas, I tried to find my own. And to my surprise, I found some very strange and interesting stuff, especially if you consider they are just mathematical defined volumes.

To render those volumes I made a very simple (and very slow) ray-tracer which follows the ray and start checking points to see if they are in the fractal. A normal ray tracer would just calculate the intersection of the ray and the volume, but I don’t know if that is even possible with this kind of stuff?

If I found a point, I looked near that point for 2 other points so I could calculate the normal and ‘setPixel’ a normal map of the volume.

fractal AS3

» a live example (low quality)

After that, I used a Pixel Bender filter (from Stok3D by David Lenaerts) to add phong shading to the renders.

Some of the renders (click to enlarge):

WiiFlash1 WiiFlash1
WiiFlash1 WiiFlash1

I found a lot of these things and I should have made more images,  but it takes many hours to render them in a high quality. I guess I really should start learning C++…

I included the source code so you can start looking yourself for those amazing volumes out there. If you find something cool, let me know :)
source code: fractal_raytracer_src

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8 Responses to “3D Fractals (Ray-traced with Flash)”

  1. Rackdoll says:

    C++ is indeed a good option but why not try HLSL ? :)

  2. kris says:

    I rather go for OpenGL-C++ combo, I think that leaves more doors open at the moment. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. George Profenza says:

    Nice ! For some reason I find a slight resemblance to some 2d shapes on the cs3 packaging. Really cool shapes!

  4. Mark says:

    Wow. this is awesome! Very nice. I mostly dislike mandelbrots, most of them have ugly shapes+colors, but I really like this kind of 3d mandelbrots with nice colorings. It almost looks like stills of splashing fluid. Can you make an animation of these things too?

  5. kris says:

    Yes you can animate them.
    They sometimes transform really cool if you change the parameters in tiny steps + you can move your camera position, it is real 3D.

    But its gonna take a long time to render them (some of the renders above took more then 12 hours to complete).

  6. cornedor says:

    i think even with c++ (Alchemy?) it should be too slow for animation, but you it looks realy nice.

  7. subblue says:

    Welcome to the world of 3D fractals and raytracing, it can become quite addictive :)

  8. DrGreen says:

    Adaptive sampling should be much faster…