3D motion tracking

// April 26th, 2009 // Experiments, Flash 3D, Source code & tutorials, Webcam

2 webcams, Flex and a boring sunday afternoon…

Source code: [download#9#nohits]

8 Responses to “3D motion tracking”

  1. Ronny says:

    Lol, NICE!! Very simple setup so to see! Nice! Now let’s make this an interactive game!

  2. [...] my previous post I did a first test with 3D motion capturing, it worked, but it wasn’t precise enough to make [...]

  3. Sven Aarts says:

    Ahhh… You are the guy behind project natal :)
    I love your experiments kris!

  4. SuperKidKid says:


  5. Pareen says:

    u r the real programmer

  6. Bojan says:

    I saw what you do, a 3D motion tracking and a WiiFlash Flight Simulator and i think if we mix two of those we could make a grand improvement i a 3D modelling. We could make drawings in 3D space. Imagine if we have a glowes with a sensors or a pen in each arm with a sensorns and we do for example in some 3D program, we could draw curves in 3D space, bend lines and so on.

  7. Fouad says:

    awsome experiments, i like them, keep the good work ;)

  8. kingtech says:

    can create some games based on your code.Will you support me to create such games.