5k Twitter Browser

// May 8th, 2008 // Experiments, Neuro Productions, Websites

Make a flash application with the swf smaller than 5k (5000 bytes): That was the challenge in the FlashFocus AS monthly.
I made a Twitter Friends Browser smaller than 4k.

7 Responses to “5k Twitter Browser”

  1. MarkP says:

    This only seems to be showing recent additions to my twitter friends, regardless of the state of the “New Only” button. Is something broken? When I first heard about this I was able to create huge diagrams!

    Fantastic app none-the-less, and in such a small footprint!

  2. Excellent!

  3. is some thing wrong with the aplication? because it is not working correctly now


  4. Omar says:

    it’s not working !! no followers are shown !!

  5. Kris says:

    mmm, some kind of change in the twitter api, if i have time, ill see if i can fix it :)

  6. Arno says:

    Nop, does not work. Does not do anything.

  7. Iván says:

    It would be great to see this working again.