Alice in Wonderland (the Bitmap)

// January 25th, 2010 // Experiments, Generative art, Source code & tutorials

alice in wonderland full text

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll.
The full story, 12 chapters, more than 25000 words, all crammed in one Bitmap :)

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alice in wonderland full text

The text “fitting” algorithm isn’t perfect yet, but hey, it did the trick.

Source code: [download#23#nohits]
FDT Air project + I lowered the input bitmap size and quality for this download

16 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland (the Bitmap)”

  1. David says:

    Wow, great work! How long did it take to generate? :-)

  2. George Profenza says:


  3. kris says:

    thanks for the comments :)
    @David: It took +- 1 hour
    But if you want a better quality (now its rather low) Its gone take much more time .

  4. Michiel says:

    Nice work kris!


  5. vitaLee says:

    thanks for sharing this.
    looks awsome. lots of things to learn from this one, that’s for sure.

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  7. nada says:

    very nice. started playing with it and can not stop now :)
    btw, your source is not labled with any license. if i’d like to use the placefinding, what license would this be?
    tnx and nice work again!

  8. kris says:

    All the source code on my blog is MIT license.

    Feel free to do whatever you want with it :)

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  11. Sage says:

    Oh wow, that’s awesome work. I have never seen this type of thing done to such description before. I love it :)

  12. ocha says:

    wow impressive stuff
    is there an online live version (not the bitmap)?

    besides ive been playing with this code for days ;
    couldnt be able to make it work,
    any basic help?

  13. s!ngh says:

    Hi, Been messing around with the code, and much like Ocha I cant seem to get it to work.

    using FDT 4, but all I get is a .swf with the letter A on a white background.

    Any help to get this running would be much appreciated, Sorry for the n00b request

  14. Kris says:

    Hi, sorry for my late reply.
    To make it work in FDT, make a flex sdk pure actionscript -air project, and include the asset swc.
    Or if you want to compile with Flash, remove everything from the stage in flash, and set as your document class. (and maybe you need include the flex core lib in your classpath…? )

    Hope that helps :)

  15. Gaurav Rane says:

    Amazing work, i got the code long back and finally found the use for it in an app im playing with will post it up as soon as its done.

  16. Ann Buki says:

    Hi Kris,
    I am going to write a short article about this for the “Knight Letter” (Magazine of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America,) and wonder if you have any comments about it. What inspired you to choose ‘Alice?’ Are you a fan of the books? I’ll appreciate anything you have to say about your project.