WiiFlash generative art painting

// December 7th, 2008 // Experiments, Generative art

Yesterday I bought a Wii, I’m not a gamer. But lets face it, its a great piece of technology and thanks to WiiFlash you can now use the Wiimote to control your flash application. Isn’t that great!

My first experiment is some kind of painting tool, it uses the Wiimote to control the position and the ‘line’ thickens. It gets his colors from a random flickr photo.

Some of the things I “painted” with the app:

WiiFlash1 WiiFlash1
WiiFlash1 WiiFlash1

The tool in action:

5 Responses to “WiiFlash generative art painting”

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  3. moshing says:


    do you know if there is a simple drawing programme for this wii flash server set up? if so please email details to me.



  4. Kris says:

    Sorry moshing, I don’t know any. But it’s not that hard to make.

  5. almog says:

    Hi I was hoping you might be able to help me, I am trying to get a movie (x,y) clip to fallow the Wii remote, I am using sensorX and sensorY but it seems not to be working really good. Do you have any suggestions or how this can be done.